I started this blog because people ask me if I write a blog. Also because the word wants to get out. I think there’s something it needs to do, someone it needs to see. . . .

This is a journal, saying here I am and this is my experience. These are my thoughts and dreams, the whistling of my heart into the wind, to join with all the other songs and maybe get lost. Maybe get found.

I’m a writer, a spider, a weaver of words and worlds. I wrote U & I: A Wizard’s Quest, which is about you: a wizard . . . on a quest. It’s based on my world travels, with people and places you might recognize if you’re a wanderer — though you might know them by different names. I’m working on the next book now, but that’s probably a couple years out.

It’s all about heart. As long as the heart is in something, at least the thing has heart. That’s the best I can do, far as I can tell.