New Freedom

I wanted to bang something out real fast because I got inspired to start a blog again, the first post ostensibly to be about my tendency toward no-dishes vegetarianism. (For dinner I ate two avocados out of their shells with balsamic vinegar, followed by Amy’s soup out of the can. Total dishes: a knife and a spoon. Not that I particularly mind doing dishes. I just enjoy a certain degree of minimalism.) Like the Virgo I am, I got bogged down in trying to make this blog all pretty and perfect, so I almost drained myself of the inspiration that got me started.

I’m letting go. For now.

So here I am! Blogging. I’ll weave some threads soon. For now, here it is, in all its tangled glory. I’m not scared!

I’m working on getting to Ireland at the end of August, to start earning a master’s in Writing at NUI Galway. Out of the $28,000 I’ll need for the year there, I’ve got $7,000 down ($21,000 to go). Piece of cake, right?! I’m working six days a week and diving into every scholarship application, paid-survey-taking arrangement, and sweepstakes I can find. I might end up taking out a loan, but I already owe $52,000 to the best ex-boyfriend ever (whom some of you might know as the Wolf Pirate), and I would like to decrease, not add to, that debt. Somebody told me they’d donate to my GoFundMe if I had an inspiring blog, so I’ll throw this out there occasionally for such parties:

It does feel good to write like this. I haven’t been inspired to work on my second book since I was in Ireland last year, but at least there’s blogging. I wonder what kind of insights might turn up.